23rd February 2012 

New Cruise Industry policy

New Cruise Industry policyAfter the tragic events of the Costa Concordia on January 13th the Cruise Industry has released a new policy as part of the Cruise Industry Operational Safety Review.

The new policy will require passengers to be informed about safety protocols and emergency evacuation before the ship departs the port.

On the rare occasions that passengers arrive after the muster has been completed they will be provided with individual or group safety briefings.

This change has come about as tragically the passengers onboard the Costa Concordia had not had their safety drill before the ship ran into trouble. This was because previous legal requirements stated that a muster had to occur within 24 hours of passenger embarkation not before departing the port.

Recommendations will now be made on an on-going basis as the Cruise Industry continues to assess the “critical human factors and operations aspects of maritime safety”.

Here at the Travellers Club we feel this is a positive and reassuring change, but for all those on board the Costa Concordia on that catastrophic day, we can’t help but feel like it might be too little, too late.

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