Get ATOL protected

Get ATOL protectedA guide to protecting your holiday with an air travel orgainisers licence (ATOL)


Beacuse, an ATOL protected booking protects you from financial loss or being stranded abroad.

What does ‘ATOL protected’ mean?

An ATOL is issued to companies after a thorough check by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). As a result companies are required to pay into the CAA’s financial guarantee scheme. Providing consumers with a refund should your tour operator fail and financial security for the rest of your holiday and flights home should the problem arise when you are already away.

When am I not protected?

You will not be ATOL protected if you booked directly with an airline or booked your accommodation separately.

Always check you’re covered

  • Look out for the ATOL logo and licence number in brochures and websites.
  • Ask your travel agent direct exactly what your cover is and for an ATOL number.
  • Check companies for yourself by locating names and numbers at the CAA’s website  

When booking your holiday independently follow these tips for financial protection;

Pay by credit or visa debit card: If the value is over £100 paying with the right card will provide you with some cover, but always remember your flights and accommodation will be separate components so will not be covered altogether.

Travel insurance

Taking out a policy will provide you with a certain level of protection, but always check the small print as many will not cover company liquidation.

Delayed or cancelled flights and boarding denial

European law states, dependent to the circumstances, that airlines must provide assistance to passengers during delays, including catering, communications and overnight accommodation when necessary.

For delays of over 5 hours, passengers can request a refund if they decide not to travel. If a flight is cancelled, an alternative option should be offered. Where the replacement is not feasible a full refund should be provided and in certain cases, compensation.

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